Mission Songs Project

Jessie Lloyd’s ensemble reveals what daily life was like for Indigenous Australians on Christian missions and state-run settlements, through rare secular songs. Gain a deeper understanding about the history of Elders, families and communities, from cultural identity to love and loss.


Fri, Dec 274:20PMLuna
Sun, Dec 291:30PMLuna
Tue, Dec 3112:30PMParlour
Wed, Jan 016:00PMLuna

Mission Songs Workshop

Join Jessie Lloyd in a workshop exploring the history behind the research and learn some songs from the mission days.

Sat, Dec 284:00PMTalking Circle
Tue, Dec 312:30PMTalking Circle

New Australian Songbook: Liz Stringer

The heroes of the Australian song canon: we all know who they are, and there’s no doubt they earned their place, but if they continue to dominate the radio and our backyard singalongs, how do we make space for the emerging legends of Australian song? Liz Stringer is a Victorian songwriter who has garnered an enormous amount of peer respect, for the strength and warmth of her voice, the skill and feel of her guitar playing, and the insightfulness and lyricism of her words. Join Tim Levinson (Urthboy), Hat Fitz and Cara, Catherine MacLellan, Jack Carty, Jeff Lang, Jen Cloher, Mia Dyson and the Mission Songs Project to discover, or rediscover, Liz’s unique songwriting voice.

Mon, Dec 304:30PMLuna

Blues and Blessing

Jump, shout and cry with blues preacher, Reverend Steve Clarke, in this reflective musical journey of Gospel, blues and folk spirituals, toeing the line between church-house, the barrel-house, God and the Devil, heaven and hell, love and loss, hope and despair.

Wed, Jan 0110:30AMBluestown