Miss Mimi

Creative dance inspirationalist, Miss Mimi charms children with her joyful approach to self expression. Mia has been teaching creative dance to children for more than five years.

Miss Mimi’s Dance Time

Imagine going on an adventure, become a butterfly and flutter across the circle. Freeze!

Fri, Dec 27 11:15AM Mish Mash
Sat, Dec 28 11:15AM Mish Mash
Tue, Dec 31 11:15AM Mish Mash
Wed, Jan 01 12:00PM Mish Mash

Miss Mimi’s Dance Theatre

Imagine you are off on an adventure to anywhere, you choose. Free movement and then freeze! A whole family circle dance experience.

Sun, Dec 29 8:45AM Big Paint

How to Halve Your Household Waste

We have a table full of all the materials of our life —what do we do with it all??Join Mia and a game of Skills for Life, reducing, reusing and recycling.

Mon, Dec 30 1:15PM Puppet Joint