Miramar Dance Group

Miramar is a Middle Eastern dancer, originally from Syria via Iraq. Having grown up influenced by Arabic music and dance, she showcases a mix of Syrian traditional belly dance and modern dabke accompanied by her group.

Raks Sharqi: Egyptian Belly Dance

Miramar teaches the basic steps of ancient feminine Egyptian belly dancing through graceful arm and shoulder moves, hip locks, drops and shimmying.

Sun, Dec 2911:30AMDancehall

Orientalia: Persia. Syria. Palestine

Orientalia reveals the delights of Persian, East Arab and Levantine cultures with joyous music, songs and sacred dance, from beautiful exhilarating dances of Persia, Damascus, Aleppo and regional Syria, to celebratory passionate dances of Palestine.

Mon, Dec 303:10PMFolklorica

Syrian Dabke Dance

One of the most ancient dances of Syria, danced to mwashahat and oud music, this Sufi dance is settled, calm and modest.

Tue, Dec 311:00PMDancehall

Triumphant Spirit: Dancing Syria. Palestine

In the disrupted cultures of Palestine and Syria, the cultural spirit continues triumphantly through traditional music and dancing. The popular and dynamic dabke and beautiful variations of other regional and cultural dances within Syria connect people and cultures.

Tue, Dec 315:00PMFolklorica