Medicine Woman Dance

Pascale Richy is a medicine woman, helping you move through your physical, emotional and mental boundaries, through her work in dance and music, and as a naturopath. She is joined by sister Natalie, a percussionist trained in African and Cuban traditions, and guitarist/songwriter Murray Wall.

How Can You Heal From Within?

Are you ready to face ‘you’? Your cells hold so many memories and what do we do with them? Year in and year out, we ignore them, but not today. Face your beauty and dance.

Fri, Dec 279:00AMBlue Lotus

Letting Go

Through dance, music and guided visualisation, Medicine Woman, Pascale, will help you and release what no longer serves you.

Sat, Dec 285:00PMVillage Green

Relax, Be Yourself

Who are you? What makes you dance? What resides within you? Shake it out and emerge from this dance deeper into yourself.

Tue, Dec 319:00AMBlue Lotus