Martin Pearson

When asked why he performs comedy, Martin replied: “I really like making people laugh. There is no finer feeling of affirmation than 100 people showing they like you by laughing at your jokes and stories. And laughter has all the ‘good’ medicinal qualities.”

Happy Hour

Swing, swoon and sway to a joyful revival of the golden era of tinpan, stage and screen. Luscious three-part vocals with jumping mini big band vaudeville swing will lift your spirits.

Fri, Dec 275:00PMBob’s Bar
Sat, Dec 285:00PMBob’s Bar
Sun, Dec 295:00PMBob’s Bar
Mon, Dec 305:00PMBob’s Bar
Tue, Dec 315:00PMBob’s Bar
Wed, Jan 015:00PMBob’s Bar

Pot Luck

When you’re as multi-talented as these folks putting together a platter of songs, stories, jokes and general entertainment is an easy ask. Strap in and hold on - and bring your late night snack to enjoy in the spirit of Pot Luck!

Fri, Dec 2710:30PMSmall Hall
Sat, Dec 287:30PMSmall Hall

Wyrd Sisters. Pratchett’s Macbeth

The Three Witches, or Weird Sisters (old English: wyrd), are characters in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, who occasionally overlap with Terry Pratchett’s witches in The Wyrd Sisters. Martin investigates the crone/ mother/maiden triad for further insights.

Tue, Dec 312:30PMFolklorica

Bathing for Change: The Lord and Lady of Bath

Do you dream, post-festival, of filling the tub with suds, sinking down into the warm water and memories of the week just past? This year, you can combine the best of both worlds, when Martin Pearson hosts The Lord and Lady of Bath on 1 January: an auction where you’ll bid for one of two places to enjoy fresh towels, clean pyjamas, and a deep tub full of Dr. Bronner’s beautiful scents to raise money for Ranu Welum which supports the replanting of rainforests in Borneo. The auction will be open all week online, silent auction style, and will be finalised just prior to the Fire Event on WED. Join Martin Pearson for a special reading as we fill the baths, heat the towels, and then leave the two lucky winners to the first soak of the new year. Ranu Welum is campaigning to protect, restore and replant some the world’s oldest rainforests in Borneo which are currently under threat due to unsustainable palm plantations. Dr. Bronner’s is proud to support Ranu Welum and Bathing for Change, and is proof that it’s not what you grow but how you grow it that counts! Dr. Bronner’s sources certified organic and fair trade palm oil exclusively from small-holder farms in Ghana, through their sister company, Serendipalm. So, the lucky Lord and Lady can bathe with a clean conscience and support the preservation of rainforests and endangered habitat! (NB: Lord and Lady are non-gender specific, any person can bid for any spot.)

Wed, Jan 019:30PMHalcyon