Mama Mihirangi & The Mareikura

An all-female Maori world-roots production, led by internationally renowned artist/activist and queen of loops, Mihirangi of Ngti Rkei and Ngti Waikorara. The show includes female kapa haka dancers, who perform women’s haka, waiata-a-ringa, mau-rakau, taiaha and poi.


Fri, Dec 27 11:40AM Luna
Sat, Dec 28 12:30PM Grande
Tue, Dec 31 3:40PM Grande

The Rights of Mother Earth

Artist and activist, Mihirangi, is on the Executive Committee of the Alliance of Mother Nature’s Guardians. They acknowledge that ecosystems have a right to exist, thrive and regenerate in preservation of all life and it’s home, Mother Earth.

Fri, Dec 27 3:00PM Talking Circle
Wed, Jan 01 11:30AM Talking Circle

Maori Women’s Haka

The women’s haka is a traditional Maori dance invoking and expressing a woman’s potency, power, lore, and sacredness. Experience the character, heart, and spirit of the haka in this, a cultural journey of Mana Wahine.

Sun, Dec 29 2:30PM Dancehall

Maori Spirit of Aotearoa

Tue, Dec 31 8:45PM Folklorica