Luke Wright

Luke brings his simple, profound and clear insight to his shared meditations, whether in silent presence or guiding participants. Luke is a meditation teacher, Zenthai Shiatsu therapist and teacher.

Morning Meditation: Connect In

Join this morning meditation offering guidance and mindfulness. We give space to connect to our most recent environment, we listen deeply to its energy and its presence. We land to realise our unity with our environment.

Fri, Dec 275:30AMHilltop

Morning Meditation: Foundation

When the roots go deep, the tree can weather the storm. Beginningless and endless, we open to the depth of our source.

Sat, Dec 285:30AMHilltop

Morning Meditation: Expression

Only with the foundation can authentic expression flower. The source shows itself as we are. The internal and external are realised as one expression.

Sun, Dec 295:30AMHilltop

Morning Meditation: Intention

We relax into source so our truest intention can rise into awareness. Our sankalpa is for us and yet universal in application. It is an intention gifted to us to guide our way for the benefit of all.

Mon, Dec 305:30AMHilltop

Morning Meditation: Release and Be

That which is clear can simply be lived without effort. The quiet joy of each moment is apparent without reason. We rest in this to fulfil our sankalpa, to let it be fulfilled.

Tue, Dec 315:30AMHilltop