Lola The Vamp

One of Australia's most accomplished burlesque performers, Lola The Vamp has appeared regularly at burlesque and arts festivals worldwide. In 2013 she obtained a PhD in burlesque, making her the first to perform burlesque for a doctorate - or so she says.

Dr Sketchy's Anti Art School

Hosted by Lola the Vamp and Magnolia Knife, join the world’s premier alternative drawing movement to sketch glamorous, subcultural models in an atmosphere of artistic mayhem.

Sun, Dec 29 6:30PM Atelier $32.00 [Ages 18+]
Mon, Dec 30 3:30PM Atelier $32.00 [Ages 18+]
Tue, Dec 31 6:30PM Atelier $32.00 [Ages 18+]
Wed, Jan 01 3:30PM Atelier $32.00 [Ages 18+]