Lisa Iselin

Lisa’s kids art workshops combine a rainbow of vibrant coloured, recycled and pre-loved materials to create many treasured delights.

Funky Fluff Bag

Make, decorate and stitch your own fluff creation.

Fri, Dec 2710:15AMBig Paint

Children of Woodfordia - Children of the Future

This is a portrait project showcasing the unique children who come to the festival. We take a photo and encourage the child to draw or write where they see themselves in the future with Woodfordia in their life.

Fri, Dec 2711:00AMBig Paint
Sat, Dec 2811:00AMBig Paint
Sun, Dec 2911:00AMBig Paint
Mon, Dec 3011:00AMBig Paint

Monster Mittens

Sew together monster mittens with blanket fabrics, buttons and threads. Monster mayhem.

Sat, Dec 281:10PMPuppet Joint

Sifting Oceans - All in Wall Hanging

A recycled trawler net wall hanging. Draw, cut, collage, thread and weave. Catch a rainbow fish or three, turtles are free to play.

Sun, Dec 291:15PMBig Paint

Glad Bags, Bubble and Squeak

Stitch and decorate a shoulder bag made from recycled onion, beet and potato sacks.

Mon, Dec 301:15PMBig Paint

Power Line Princess

Put your old cables to good use. Stick figure dollies with festival flair and long woolly hair.

Tue, Dec 3111:00AMBig Paint

Happy New Year’s Day Sack

Make a one of a kind, shoulder bag and greet 2020 with individual style.

Wed, Jan 0110:45AMBig Paint