Linsey Pollak

Linsey makes music by live-looping self invented instruments such as a paper clarinet, a drinking straw oboe, a Cylisax, a rubber glove bagpipe and Mr Curly (a contra-bass clarinet made from hose sounding like a 70s synth).

Make Your Own Foonki

Make your own Foonki, an instrument with a membrane reed made from a garbage bag attached to a garden irrigation T- junction fitting and a large slurpy drinking straw. Make your own under the tutelage of Linsey Pollak, the Foonki’s inventor. Ages 15+.

Wed, Jan 01 1:30PM WorkShop [Ages 15+]

Paper, Scissors... Rock!

You close your eyes. Is it a saxophone, a clarinet, a flute, an oboe? You open them and WHOA! What you see are instruments made from paper, sticky tape, a drinking straw, a rubber glove and some garden hose.

Fri, Dec 27 12:20PM Parlour
Sun, Dec 29 2:00PM Parlour

My Carbon Footprint and Its Relationship to Extinction

Linsey Pollak is well-known to audiences for his inventive musical project which often address the fragility of earth and the human impact on it. Here he discusses a lay person’s struggle to do the right thing by the environment.

Sun, Dec 29 9:00AM GREENhouse

Coo-ee, It’s Parade Time

Calling all pixies, pranksters, bubble blowers, jugglers, scientists and chess players. Gather for our annual parade into the festival streets led by Linsey and his band. Carry or wear anything you have made.

Tue, Dec 31 4:00PM Far Out

Parade Blast Off

It’s time! Hit the streets and let’s take the Children’s Festival out of our gates.

Tue, Dec 31 4:30PM Far Out

Parade Dance Off

A grand finale celebration of 2019 as we dance a frenzied post- procession wind down with Linsey and friends.

Tue, Dec 31 4:50PM Stardust Theatre