Leesa Watego

Leesa is the Director of Iscariot Media, specialising in Indigenous, creative and online projects. She has worked as an academic at Queensland College of Art, Griffith University in Indigenous Art and Protocols with a focus on Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property. Since 2009 Leesa has worked in the digital space creating Deadly Bloggers.

Indigenous Business

There are various perceptions of Indigenous business in Australia in 2019, but do they accurately reflect how business is experienced? Leesa, Emma and Rob explore the different ways in which Indigenous business is framed.

Sat, Dec 282:30PMGREENhouse

Dark and Disturbing

What happens when art vision and business goals collide. Dark+Disturbing is a curatorial project of Vernon Ah Kee, but initiated under Iscariot Media Pty Ltd, a company founded by Vernon’s partner, Leesa Watego. Vernon and Leesa will share the process of building Dark+Disturbing as both a curatorial project and sustainable and profitable business.

Sun, Dec 292:45PMTalking Circle