Kristin & Mocara Kelly

Kristin started her Celtic fiddle journey in Ireland in the 90s where she met and joined the Barleyshakes touring throughout Europe. She has been teaching fiddle for 25 years at various schools, workshops and privately around Queensland. 18-year-old Mocara has been playing fiddle since she was seven years old, performing in Europe, New Zealand and all over Australia with the Kelly Family Band. Her preferred genre is Celtic and she also sings, plays guitar and drums.

Fiddle: Beginner and Intermediate

Fri, Dec 27 1:30PM WorkShop
Sat, Dec 28 1:30PM WorkShop
Sun, Dec 29 1:30PM WorkShop
Mon, Dec 30 1:30PM WorkShop
Tue, Dec 31 1:30PM WorkShop

Music Camp Concert

If you’ve spent your festival picking up a new instrument, or new skills in the Music Camp, this is where it all comes together. Bring your family and friends to watch you play.

Wed, Jan 01 3:30PM Bob’s Bar