Kids Are Great

Jenny Sader has been facilitating circus in the Circus Lair for many years, assisted by Kelli Craig and The Blackrobats.

Just A Juggle

Fri, Dec 278:30AMCircus Lair

Circus in A Suitcase

Fri, Dec 2710:30AMCircus Lair

Juggling Ball Construction

Make balls you can carry and play, not only a mind game but an arms and eyes game.

Fri, Dec 271:15PMMind Games

Acro Balance Begins

Fri, Dec 271:30PMCircus Lair

Explore Arts and Circus

Fri, Dec 273:15PMCircus Lair

Juggle More

Sat, Dec 288:30AMCircus Lair
Sun, Dec 298:30AMCircus Lair

Fun and Circus Tricks

Sat, Dec 2810:30AMCircus Lair
Sun, Dec 2910:30AMCircus Lair

Acro Tumble

Sat, Dec 281:30PMCircus Lair
Sun, Dec 291:30PMCircus Lair

Experiment with Instruments

Sat, Dec 283:15PMCircus Lair
Sun, Dec 293:15PMCircus Lair

Juggle Jam

Grab your juggling gear and all your friends. This is a jam session for those who like to throw things. All skill levels welcome.

Mon, Dec 308:30AMCircus Lair

More Fun More Circus Tricks

Mon, Dec 3010:30AMCircus Lair

More Balance More Fun Acro

Mon, Dec 301:30PMCircus Lair

Sounds of Colour

Mon, Dec 303:15PMCircus Lair

Juggling Tricks

Tue, Dec 318:30AMCircus Lair

Put It All Together Circus Tricks

Tue, Dec 3110:30AMCircus Lair

Acro and Tumbling Choreography

Tue, Dec 311:30PMCircus Lair

Adding To The Sounds of Colour

Tue, Dec 313:15PMCircus Lair

Juggle in the New Year

Wed, Jan 019:00AMCircus Lair

Circus Tricks

Wed, Jan 0110:30AMCircus Lair

Performance Rehearsal

Wed, Jan 011:15PMCircus Lair

Ta-Ta till Next Time Concert

A stupendous farewell concert from your favourite festival performers — and a big thank you to the wonderful mentors who have lovingly shared their skills and knowledge this week. It’s a giant hooroo ‘til next time, with love, from us to you.

Wed, Jan 013:00PMStardust Theatre