Karma Dance

This classical Indian dance company bring the exquisite dance form of Bharatanatyam to life on stage. With a track record of sell-out performances internationally, the company is known for creating works that are deeply moving and transformative.


Mon, Dec 302:00PMParlour

Temple Dances. Bollywood Romances

Known for their deeply moving, transformative dance creations within the 3000-year-old Indian Bharatanatyam dance style, Karma Dance devas are a magical sight to behold, as are Dance Masala’s beautiful Bollywood dancing queens.

Sun, Dec 295:00PMFolklorica

Classical Indian Dance-based Yoga

Classical Indian dance embodies a millennia of wisdom on body and movement inspired by yogic principles. Learn key stretches and movements from the dance style of Bharatanatyam.

Mon, Dec 308:30AMDancehall

Indian Dance Beyond Bollywood

Inspiration for Bollywood dancing comes from classical Indian dance’s 3000-year-old form of traditional movement. Learn the movements now associated with Bollywood.

Tue, Dec 312:30PMDancehall

Divine Dance of the Heart

Tue, Dec 317:40PMFolklorica