Karen Lee Andrews

Growing up in Koonawarra, NSW, Karen spent her childhood listening to Motown records and traditional Polynesian songs, which she now combines in her original style, oceanic blues. Gritty guitar, glowing valves, lush tremolo and deep reverb combine in a fluid oceanic expression.


Fri, Dec 27 12:00PM Bluestown
Sat, Dec 28 6:30PM Bluestown
Sun, Dec 29 8:00PM Bluestown
Mon, Dec 30 4:30PM Bluestown

Blues Breakfast BBQ

Can’t make your usual trip to the hardware store this week? Fear not, we’ve got a snag in bread ready for you, along with music and conversation from the best of the Blues programme, hosted by The Kevin Borich Express.

Sun, Dec 29 10:30AM Bluestown