Jimblah X Homeward Bound

Jimblah and Goji are friends who make music from a place of ultra-light beamingness. After taking a step back from his solo work, Jimblah began exploring what working with Goji could sound like, and other sounds outside of hip-hop.

Elefant Traks 21st Birthday Bash

‘Proudly Made in Multicultural Australia’ says the slogan on the Elefant Traks merch. Founded as a collective 21 years ago in Sydney, this independent label helped create a pathway for local hip-hop culture and electronic music, and in the process, shared a modern dancefloor account of who we are as people, from artists who rock the boat AND the stage. Woodford has been honoured to host Elefant Traks artists over the year and we’re delighted to celebrate their 21st year with an Amphitheatre blowout.

Mon, Dec 308:00PMAmphi