Jenni Cargill

An award-winning Australian storyteller and enchantivist, Jenni teaches and coaches storytelling. Her passions are focused on stories of place, to celebrate the earth, to heal, to strengthen community and myths which express the divine feminine.

Why The Sky Is Far Away

Once the sky was not only delicious but you could reach up and touch it.

Fri, Dec 27 8:45AM Puppet Joint
Mon, Dec 30 4:00PM Puppet Joint

Ananse, Ahso and Their Six Children

When Ananse gets eaten by a giant fish, his six talented children come to the rescue.

Fri, Dec 27 4:00PM Puppet Joint

Molly Whuppie

Can Molly outrun and outsmart the giant three times? Join the slurping and burping of this Celtic tale.

Sun, Dec 29 8:45AM Puppet Joint

Storytelling for Changemakers

Would you like to learn how to use stories to bring healing and transformation? Jenni leads an exploration of stories about place, stories to celebrate the earth, to strengthen community and myths which express the divine feminine.

Tue, Dec 31 11:00AM WorkShop
Wed, Jan 01 4:30PM Small Hall

The Blue Coat

Join in with this Jewish folktale and circle story of a little boy and his beloved coat.

Wed, Jan 01 1:10PM Mish Mash

Ta-Ta till Next Time Concert

A stupendous farewell concert from your favourite festival performers — and a big thank you to the wonderful mentors who have lovingly shared their skills and knowledge this week. It’s a giant hooroo ‘til next time, with love, from us to you.

Wed, Jan 01 3:00PM Stardust Theatre