Ian Lowe

Professor Ian Lowe is an emeritus professor, prominent environmental scientist, Former Head of Science at Griffith University as well as an adjunct professor at and Flinders University. Ian was chair of the first advisory council to produce a national report on Australia’s Environment in 1996.

All Things Energy

Ian Lowe leads a discussion with Dr Karl and Dani Alexander, to explore our renewable energy future: how new technologies work, why we do it, why we need it, what we do when the sun doesn’t shine and how this technology might work along with Woodfordia’s plans in this space.

Sat, Dec 2810:30AMLuna

Great Comedy Debate: That Democracy Works

S Sorrensen, Fiona Scott Norman, Tripod’s Gatesy, Dane Simpson, Rod Quantock and John Thompson are hosted by Professor Ian Lowe to debate the current state of democracy, which HL Mencken described as ‘the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage’ and by Ronald Reagan as ‘worth dying for’.

Mon, Dec 306:00PMLuna