Grace Law

A Malaysian/Chinese/ Australian circus performer and visual artist, Grace is passionate about creating innovative visual and physical ways to communicate. Listen with your eyes to a visual commentary on waste and its repercussions.


Fri, Dec 27 3:00PM Cirque
Sat, Dec 28 3:30PM Cirque
Sun, Dec 29 3:30PM Cirque
Mon, Dec 30 3:30PM Cirque
Tue, Dec 31 3:30PM Cirque
Wed, Jan 01 3:30PM Cirque

Aerial Rope

Develop techniques to gain the strength to master aerial rope skills. Learn how to climb, twist and drop.

Sun, Dec 29 10:00AM Circadia
Mon, Dec 30 10:00AM Circadia
Tue, Dec 31 10:00AM Circadia