Geoff Wood

Geoff is a senior producer and broadcaster with ABC Radio National (RN) and a world music specialist.

ABC RN Wisdom Talks: Sufi Music Tradition. Pakistan. India.

Special guests Nadia Rahim and Farhan Shah explore with Geoff Wood, how to situate Pakistani, Indian and South Asian Sufi music traditions and heritage within the vast world of Sufism, both culturally and historically.

Mon, Dec 3010:30AMFolklorica

ABC RN Wisdom Talks: Home is Where The Heart Sings

Tenzin was exiled from his homeland, Tibet. He connects to the wisdoms and traditions of his homeland through song. Fiona is a Scottish tradition bearer of Scots songs and ballads now continuing her passion in a new home – Australia.

Tue, Dec 3111:00AMFolklorica

ABC Sacred New Year

Enter sacred and mystical realms through dance, music and song capable of reaching into the depths of our soul. From the Tibetan Heart Sutra and the earthy heart–connection of Argentine tango to bharatanatyam classical Indian dance where, at the dance’s conclusion, the dancer takes into their heart the god or goddess they have been glorifying. Then, move on to the powerful weaving of ancient Maori chant and intricate harmonies, and to the soulful, heartfelt Indian ragas on the sarangi violin. The finale is hypnotic Sufi qawwali singing in search of deep longing for union with God, followed by heart-stirring bagpipes to move us safely between worlds to beyond this year into the next.

Tue, Dec 316:30PMFolklorica

ABC RN Wisdom Talks: Soul Singers, The Divine Voice

In this exploration of the divine voice in all its glory, you’ll hear perspectives from a Sufi qawwali to a classical Hindustani with guests Farhan Shah, Sunita Tikare and others.

Wed, Jan 0110:30AMFolklorica