Gen Tree

Gen Tree is an accomplished visual artist, professional performing artist and self-taught painter, using acrylics exclusively since she was a child. Currently working towards a Bachelor of Animation at Griffith Film School, Gen brings her traditional expertise into digital mediums, specialising in 2D animating and design. She is an in-demand creator around Brisbane, recently providing artwork for Screen Queensland's Plushed series, Brisbane Immersive Ensemble’s Cluedo production and many more whilst frequently gracing the stage in local to national musical theatre productions and tours. Outside of her studies and creative pursuits, Gen is a resident artist at Brush and Barrel's Sip and Paint studio in Brisbane, teaching and entertaining the masses; Bob Ross style.

Drawing in Markers and Biro

Get creative. Get a biro, or a marker, or both. And if you don’t have one we’ll give you one. Sketch. Draw. Doodle. Scribble. Whatever. Anything goes in this sketchy-sketchy session with Gen Tree as your fearless leader.

Fri, Dec 27 12:00PM The Loft $22.00 [Ages 16+]
Sat, Dec 28 12:00PM The Loft $22.00 [Ages 16+]
Sun, Dec 29 3:00PM The Loft $22.00 [Ages 16+]
Mon, Dec 30 6:00PM The Loft $22.00 [Ages 16+]
Tue, Dec 31 9:00AM The Loft $22.00 [Ages 16+]