Found, Fractured and reFormed

Bound by their love and talent for mosaics, Lyn is a photographer and Kaye is an Early Years and Art Specialist teacher. Joining them for this venture is Lyn's sister Anna, a silversmith with a unique eye for the exotic.


Join Kaye and Lyn, a zany group of visual artists, to create and ‘fabulize’ fractured and found ephemera. We have adapted the mosaic process so that participants can take away a finished art piece. Who knows what possibly whimsical and implausible Woodfordian keepsakes will emerge.

Sat, Dec 289:00AMThe Loft$32.00 [Ages 15+]
Sun, Dec 2912:00PMThe Loft$32.00 [Ages 15+]
Mon, Dec 303:00PMThe Loft$32.00 [Ages 15+]
Tue, Dec 316:00PMThe Loft$32.00 [Ages 15+]