Folly Games

Founder Tim Monley is a freelance creative producer who began his career in the arts, creating community based celebrations in Australia and Great Britain. Over the last eight years Tim and his team have created the immersive festival experience, The Game.


Fri, Dec 27 2:00PM Village Green
Fri, Dec 27 4:00PM Around the Festival
Fri, Dec 27 4:00PM Village Green
Sat, Dec 28 3:00PM Around the Festival
Sun, Dec 29 3:00PM Around the Festival
Mon, Dec 30 3:00PM Around the Festival
Tue, Dec 31 1:30PM Village Green
Tue, Dec 31 4:30PM Village Green
Tue, Dec 31 5:00PM Around the Festival

The Game

Seven years of story and adventure will finally conclude in this year’s game. Just starting out? No problem, find a Game character at any game location to begin, you’ll learn how it works along the way. Play with your friends and make new allies, meet dozens of colourful and absurd characters, and become part of the story of The Game. You’re just in time for the most dramatic year yet. Ages 13+.

Fri, Dec 27 3:00PM Village Green

The Forest at the Edge of Dreams

When the Tree of Forgotten Dreams died, the ravens who lived in its branches took its last seed and searched for a place to plant it. The soil was barren everywhere, forgotten in each morning’s rush to compete and prosper. As our dreams faded each morning, so did the hopes of finding a place for a new tree. Far on the edges of human experience they found a forest, the last forest, whose soil was rich and trees were strong. Who or what was dreaming this place alive? Tentatively the ravens planted the tree and searched for the few who cared to remember, who dared to wander to the edge of dreams. An interactive installation and puzzle adventure. Explore any time and meet the ravens each night as the forest wakes.

Fri, Dec 27 9:00PM Around the Festival
Sat, Dec 28 7:30PM Around the Festival
Sun, Dec 29 7:30PM Around the Festival
Mon, Dec 30 7:30PM Around the Festival
Tue, Dec 31 7:30PM Around the Festival

Keiff's Closing Tourney 

Tue, Dec 31 3:00PM Village Green

The Game Finale

Wed, Jan 01 3:00PM Parlour