Fleetwood Fringe

Florists Kat, Jess and Sarah have only one goal in life; to make an everlasting flower crown for the queen of festival vibes, Stevie Nicks. After working as florists in London, New York and Tuscany, they are now posting their dried botanical crowns all over Australia.

Everlasting Flower Crowns

Using real, dried botanicals from internationally experienced florists, Kat, Jess and Sarah will demonstrate techniques to so your crown will look beautiful for years to come

Fri, Dec 27 9:00AM Adorn $38.00 [Ages 16+]
Sat, Dec 28 12:00PM Adorn $38.00 [Ages 16+]
Sun, Dec 29 3:00PM Adorn $38.00 [Ages 16+]
Mon, Dec 30 9:00AM Adorn $38.00 [Ages 16+]
Tue, Dec 31 12:00PM Adorn $38.00 [Ages 16+]
Wed, Jan 01 3:00PM Adorn $38.00 [Ages 16+]