Fiona Scott-Norman

A satirist, writer, cabaret director and poultry enthusiast, Fiona is a Melbourne-based entertainer and a proud Woodford regular. She writes for Big Issue magazine and her new book, This Chicken Life: Portraits of Australians and Their Chickens, is out now.

Two Leggy Redheads

Good morning Woodford! Wake up with Fiona Scott- Norman and Australian comedy icon Rod Quantock. Grab your mug of coffee and a Byron Bay doughnut, and prepare for an irreverent showcase of the coming day. A chat show with comedy, guests, random feuds, music, and interviews with beloved Woodfordians.

Fri, Dec 279:00AMBob’s Bar
Sat, Dec 289:00AMBob’s Bar
Sun, Dec 299:00AMBob’s Bar
Mon, Dec 309:00AMBob’s Bar
Tue, Dec 319:00AMBob’s Bar
Wed, Jan 019:00AMBob’s Bar

Chickens Can Save The World

Fiona Scott-Norman leads a panel discussion on the correlation between being the steward of a chicken coop and good mental health. How can we save the world, one chicken at a time? Get your answers here.

Mon, Dec 301:00PMBob’s Bar

Great Comedy Debate: That Democracy Works

S Sorrensen, Fiona Scott Norman, Tripod’s Gatesy, Dane Simpson, Rod Quantock and John Thompson are hosted by Professor Ian Lowe to debate the current state of democracy, which HL Mencken described as ‘the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage’ and by Ronald Reagan as ‘worth dying for’.

Mon, Dec 306:00PMLuna