Festival Friends


Wed, Jan 01 7:30PM Luna

Festival Orchestra Rehearsal

Join Andrew Veivers, Mal Webb, Andrew Clermont, Ric Halstead and Zaia Kendall with a musical instrument of your choosing and create a truly people-powered orchestra. After attending daily rehearsals to learn the simple and stunning arrangements, you will star in the festival’s fiery finale. For the performance, please dress as 1905-era workers – go wild with suspenders, shawls, dresses, peaked hats and other worker garb in muted colours. You are welcome to utilise the musical instrument cloakroom for a small fee.

Fri, Dec 27 9:00AM Grande
Sat, Dec 28 9:00AM Grande
Sun, Dec 29 9:00AM Grande
Mon, Dec 30 9:00AM Grande
Tue, Dec 31 9:00AM Grande

Fire Choir Rehearsal

Raise your voice in song! Join Beat Lehmann daily to learn the songs for the Fire Event before taking to the Amphitheatre stage for this spectacular theatrical performance. Please wear a plain red top for the performance - without prints or logos, and feel free to adorn yourself with red headscarves, hats and shawls. Bass singers – this is your year.

Fri, Dec 27 9:00AM Cirque
Sat, Dec 28 9:00AM Cirque
Sun, Dec 29 9:00AM Cirque
Mon, Dec 30 9:00AM Cirque
Tue, Dec 31 9:00AM Cirque

Lantern Making

Make a lantern to light your way at the start of the Fire Event – after the performance it’s yours to keep. All materials are provided but under 12s must be accompanied by an adult for the workshops and Fire Event, and numbers may be limited due to high demand. Please wear a white top and covered shoes for the procession. You’ll meet at the True North Bar at 7:00PM for a 7:50PM procession.

Fri, Dec 27 10:00AM Amphi
Sat, Dec 28 10:00AM Amphi
Sun, Dec 29 10:00AM Amphi
Mon, Dec 30 10:00AM Amphi
Tue, Dec 31 10:00AM Amphi

Ukulele Jam

Come on a musical adventure with these comedic gypsies as the take you step by step through the chords, rhythms and vocal harmonies that make their songs unique. Bring your ukes and your voices for a workshop for players of all abilities.

Fri, Dec 27 10:00AM Coopers Bar
Sat, Dec 28 10:00AM Coopers Bar
Sun, Dec 29 10:00AM Coopers Bar
Mon, Dec 30 10:00AM Coopers Bar
Tue, Dec 31 10:00AM Coopers Bar
Wed, Jan 01 10:00AM Coopers Bar


Bring your instruments or sing along to some ‘high lonesome’ standards from the great bluegrass repertoire.

Fri, Dec 27 11:30AM Coopers Bar
Sun, Dec 29 7:00PM Coopers Bar

Music Camp Registration

Sign up with your instrument for free instruction in the folk tradition from our magnificent tutors.

Fri, Dec 27 1:00PM WorkShop
Sat, Dec 28 1:00PM WorkShop
Sun, Dec 29 1:00PM WorkShop
Mon, Dec 30 1:00PM WorkShop
Tue, Dec 31 1:00PM WorkShop

Time to Shine at the Pine!

The Piney loves to lavish praise and litres of succulent Shampines upon fresh talent, so be sure to enter your Shine at the Pine Talent Quest. Register each morning at the bar before 11.00AM to enter. Limited entries could open unlimited doors.

Fri, Dec 27 2:00PM Pineapple Lounge
Sat, Dec 28 2:00PM Pineapple Lounge
Sun, Dec 29 2:00PM Pineapple Lounge
Mon, Dec 30 2:00PM Pineapple Lounge
Tue, Dec 31 2:00PM Pineapple Lounge
Wed, Jan 01 2:00PM Pineapple Lounge

Irish Tunes

Lively traditional Irish tunes and songs played by ear on fiddles, whistles, mandolins, banjos and more. Join in for a tune, sing a song or dance the night away from where the craic is certainly mighty.

Fri, Dec 27 5:30PM Coopers Bar
Sat, Dec 28 9:00PM Coopers Bar
Sun, Dec 29 5:30PM Coopers Bar
Mon, Dec 30 9:00PM Coopers Bar
Tue, Dec 31 7:00PM Coopers Bar

Welcome Ceremony

We gather together after another year around the sun to celebrate and dream. Emir goes exploring in the sunset; where earth and sky and fire collide. Jinibara Custodians and Woodfordian Elders welcome you all home in song and ceremony.

Fri, Dec 27 7:30PM Amphi


Join in with the songs sessions. Bring along your voice, your instrument, your friends and all of your energy for open sessions of acoustic songs with a few tunes thrown in for fun.

Fri, Dec 27 9:00PM Coopers Bar
Sat, Dec 28 1:30PM Coopers Bar
Sun, Dec 29 1:30PM Coopers Bar
Sun, Dec 29 9:00PM Coopers Bar
Mon, Dec 30 1:30PM Coopers Bar
Tue, Dec 31 1:30PM Coopers Bar
Tue, Dec 31 9:00PM Coopers Bar
Wed, Jan 01 1:30PM Coopers Bar

10 Years Pine Time!

Sounds like fake news but the Pineapple Lounge and her adorable conjoined twin, Shampine, were born a decade ago this festival. Joined at, by and for the hip, our legendary duo celebrates double figures with a unique nightly double-act: a shape- shifting pineapple house band carving out fresh-cut grooves and later (until much later) Woodfordia’s only DJ spinning his juicy hip- swivelling set.

Fri, Dec 27 9:30PM Pineapple Lounge
Sat, Dec 28 9:30PM Pineapple Lounge
Sun, Dec 29 9:30PM Pineapple Lounge
Mon, Dec 30 9:30PM Pineapple Lounge
Tue, Dec 31 9:30PM Pineapple Lounge
Wed, Jan 01 9:30PM Pineapple Lounge

ABC Live Recording

Join ABC Sunshine Coast as they record the ABC’s national New Year’s Eve broadcast. Aired across Australia on the ABC Local Radio network on the night of 31 December, this popular broadcast connects listeners with artists who make up the festival.

Sat, Dec 28 2:30PM Bob’s Bar

English Tunes

Traditional English dance and morris tunes – come play music that makes you want to hop, skip, and jump!

Sat, Dec 28 5:30PM Coopers Bar
Mon, Dec 30 5:30PM Coopers Bar

Old Time Tunes and Songs

Bring your banjos, fiddles, guitars and mandolins for some great play-along American fiddle tunes. Sing along to songs that have stood the test of time, with familiar choruses that you didn’t realise were rattling around in the back of your brain.

Sat, Dec 28 7:00PM Coopers Bar
Wed, Jan 01 5:30PM Coopers Bar

Prom Night

If you weren’t ‘you’ when you had your prom, formal or school dance, 20 years ago or two weeks ago, this is the night to reclaim it. Taffeta, tulle, tuxes and tunes – if you’re looking for a chance to be OUT while you twist and shout, whether you’re a wallflower or a dancing Queen, all colours of the rainbow are welcome tonight to the prom you never had.

Sat, Dec 28 11:00PM Small Hall

Learn and Share Trad Tunes

Want to learn a new traditional tune, share a favourite, or have a go at playing by ear? Rock up for a relaxed early sharing session to get the day started.

Sun, Dec 29 9:00AM Coopers Bar
Tue, Dec 31 9:00AM Coopers Bar

Slow Irish Tunes

Learn and play slow to intermediate traditional Irish tunes by ear. Yes, you can!

Mon, Dec 30 11:30AM Coopers Bar

Italian Tunes

Learn tunes to earn your free spaghetti and meatballs at your next Italian restaurant. Based upon David De Santi’s Zumpa – a Folk Musician’s Italian Tunebook. Sheet music provided.

Tue, Dec 31 5:30PM Coopers Bar
Wed, Jan 01 7:00PM Coopers Bar

The ‘All In’ Sessions

Tunes, songs, absolutely anything goes! All welcome.

Tue, Dec 31 11:30PM Coopers Bar
Wed, Jan 01 9:00PM Coopers Bar

Festival Director’s Report

Bill Hauritz reports back on the year and the festival that was, and what lies ahead for Woodfordia. Questions and constructive comments are always welcome.

Wed, Jan 01 2:45PM Luna

Fire Event Lantern Parade

Wed, Jan 01 7:50PM Amphi

Fire Event: I Knew a Phoenix in My Youth (Part I)

A feather falls, drifting lazily toward the scorched earth. Summer beats down on freckled knees, as Emir kicks the dust and wanders on through days drawn long and golden. The chirp of a lonely hatchling becomes a song, and soon a child with a bird becomes a youth with a phoenix – and few are ever that lucky. The days wear on, and the inseparable pair teach one another the things we all must learn. Yet as summer’s end approaches, goodbyes come too soon. Emir learns that in the silent hour of sadness, help is never far away if you need it.

Wed, Jan 01 8:00PM Amphi

Blues Bar Jam - All Welcome

You’ve been itching to pick up the guitar, and with the festival done, now’s the chance. Sit in with other festivilians... and a guest or two.

Wed, Jan 01 10:30PM Bluestown