Felicity Meakins

Felicity is a linguist at UQ who specialises in the documentation of Australian languages under the direction of First Nations communities. She has facilitated language revitalisation programs, compiled a number of dictionaries and grammars, and has written numerous papers on language change in Australia.

The Land Still Speaks: Launch of the Mudburra Dictionary and Panel on Language Landscapes

Australia is a complex tapestry of over 300 First Nations languages. Dictionaries are significant records of these languages and crucial for the inspiring renewal of First Nations languages, cultures and ecological knowledge systems underway in Australia. The Mudburra to English Dictionary will be launched to celebrate the UNESCO International Year of Indigenous Languages. This event will showcase the 5-year collaboration between the Mudburra community of the Northern Territory and linguists from the ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language at the University of Queensland. The launch will be followed by a panel discussion on embedding languages into environmental movement and policy making.

Wed, Jan 01 1:30PM Talking Circle