Farhan Shah & Brothers Qawwali

Dubbed the Pakistani Pavarotti for his phenomenal voice, Farhan Shah heads this powerhouse music group presenting the traditional Sufi music of Pakistan and South Asia.


Sun, Dec 29 10:40PM Halcyon
Mon, Dec 30 1:10PM Luna
Wed, Jan 01 9:10AM Luna

Ecstatic Pakistani Sufi Music

These timeless qawwali classics span almost one thousand years. Hear ecstatic, uplifting, soulful Sufi music with mesmerising and hypnotic percussion, sweeping melodies and phenomenal vocals from Pakistan and North India.

Fri, Dec 27 6:00PM Folklorica

The Art of Singing Sufi Qawwali

Experience the power of qawwali singing inspired by Sufi mystic poetry. It is one of the world’s most powerful vocal traditions stretching back almost a thousand years.

Sat, Dec 28 6:30PM Folklorica Outdoor Stage

ABC RN Wisdom Talks: Sufi Music Tradition. Pakistan. India.

Special guests Nadia Rahim and Farhan Shah explore with Geoff Wood, how to situate Pakistani, Indian and South Asian Sufi music traditions and heritage within the vast world of Sufism, both culturally and historically.

Mon, Dec 30 10:30AM Folklorica

Kathak Contemporary North Indian Dance

Be inspired to find your inner dancer with Shereen Ladha, renowned Canadian Sufi-fusion choreographer and dancer who draws upon traditional elements of Kathak dance and incorporates exciting contemporary styles to create a movement and rhythm based dance.

Mon, Dec 30 4:00PM Dancehall

Sufi Qawwali Music Party

Tue, Dec 31 11:00PM Folklorica

ABC RN Wisdom Talks: Soul Singers, The Divine Voice

In this exploration of the divine voice in all its glory, you’ll hear perspectives from a Sufi qawwali to a classical Hindustani with guests Farhan Shah, Sunita Tikare and others.

Wed, Jan 01 10:30AM Folklorica