Erin Ashley

A mindfulness, yoga and meditation teacher, Erin runs yoga and empowerment retreats, events and courses all over the world, and bases herself on the Sunshine Coast. As a former marine scientist, she weaves the laws of nature through her teachings.

Good Morning, Good Life

Discover a fresh approach to moving your body, breath and mind first thing, and feel the impact on your day and life ahead.

Fri, Dec 27 6:00AM Blue Lotus

Yoga to Make You Smile

Discover how to maintain a light and playful experience in your yoga practice.

Sat, Dec 28 6:00AM Blue Lotus

Strong Back, Soft Front, Wild Heart

Learn how to move with integrity, boundaries and resilience, while remaining open-hearted and positive about life.

Sun, Dec 29 6:00AM Blue Lotus

Awaken Your Unlimited Potential

You’ll be supported to uncover the best and most abundant version of yourself and learn how to transform this into service.

Mon, Dec 30 6:00AM Blue Lotus

Embody Gratitude and Abundance

Discover powerful ways to move your body to evoke a sense of gratitude for the year that’s been‚ and make space for all the good things to come in 2020.

Tue, Dec 31 6:00AM Blue Lotus

The Power of Intention

Learn how to live 2020, and the rest of your life, by design. This class catapults you into the new year with clarity and purpose.

Wed, Jan 01 6:00AM Blue Lotus