Emily Rigby

A horticultural research scientist, Emily has been working in the field of medical cannabis since legislative changes came into effect in 2016. She is Director of Research and Compliance for Cannatrek and Director of Research Programs for the Australian Institute for Medical Cannabis Inc.

Medical Cannabis: Where Are We Now?

Medical cannabis cultivation, research and manufacture was legalised in Australia in 2016. Doctors have been able to apply to legally prescribe medical cannabis since 2017. Why are we still having difficulty accessing affordable, Australian-grown cannabis?

Sun, Dec 2912:15PMBlue Lotus

Cannabis: The Return of the Queen

Cannabis contains over 700 unique chemical compounds with various therapeutic benefits, synergistic effects, medical uses and industrial applications. Emily believes it’s high time we removed the stigma surrounding this magnificent herb.

Mon, Dec 301:45PMBlue Lotus

Q and A: Cannabis

Attend the talks and information sessions and then ask any remaining questions of our panel.

Mon, Dec 303:15PMBlue Lotus