Embedding the Peace

Celebrating 50 years on from John and Yoko Lennon’s groundbreaking Montreal Bed-In for Peace, it’s time to raise the message of collective consciousness, standing together – people power. Carrying on the work of late, great Brisbane rock writer Ritchie Yorke – John and Yoko’s confidant and peace envoy for their War is Over campaign 1970, Embedding the Peace want to reach a new generation of peace activists and give them the encouragement and tools to build a better future and really Give Peace A Chance.


Fri, Dec 2712:00AMOn the Streets
Sat, Dec 2812:00AMOn the Streets
Sun, Dec 2912:00AMOn the Streets
Mon, Dec 3012:00AMOn the Streets
Tue, Dec 3112:00AMOn the Streets
Wed, Jan 0112:00AMOn the Streets