Ellie Hannon

Traversing the fields of painting, ceramics, installation and mural work, Ellie explores the themes of values, possessions and our relationship with the natural environment, reflecting on how these contribute to our personal identity. Ellie’s artworks depict dream-like stills of the natural world, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in spaces of nostalgia, contemplation and mysticism. Vibrant, layered and patch-worked with pattern, Ellie’s mark-making draws on inspiration from textiles, and other worldly objects, fascinated with how handmade artefacts can be a time capsule for unique narratives, histories and memories.

Ceramic Wildflower Incence holders

Work with artist Ellie Hannon to create beautiful ceramic wildflower incense holder using air dry clay. Themed around environment, story telling and sustainable lifestyles, this is a workshop about play and collaboration, shared journeying and connection between participants.

Fri, Dec 273:00PMAdorn$28.00 [Ages 14+]
Sat, Dec 289:00AMAdorn$28.00 [Ages 14+]
Sun, Dec 2912:00PMAdorn$28.00 [Ages 14+]
Mon, Dec 303:00PMAdorn$28.00 [Ages 14+]
Tue, Dec 319:00AMAdorn$28.00 [Ages 14+]
Wed, Jan 0112:00PMAdorn$28.00 [Ages 14+]