Elements Embodied

Sally’s teachings are deeply inspired by nature’s cycles and our human potential, guiding you through awakening and balancing practices with your breath, body and heart. Her offerings are informed by the five element system of Taoist philosophy.

Yoga Unplugged

Release into long passive openings in poses, listening inwardly as stories unravel from deeper layers of body, mind and heart with Gwyn Williams.

Fri, Dec 276:30AMHilltop
Sun, Dec 296:30AMHilltop
Mon, Dec 306:30AMHilltop

Fluid Body, Fluid Mind

In this vinyasa style class you’ll practice meeting hard edges of tightness, tension and stagnation with fluidity and gentleness.

Sat, Dec 287:30AMVillage Green

Yoga to Open

Deepen your roots and shimmy out the tension as you flow from shape to shape, breath to breath, moment to moment.

Tue, Dec 317:30AMBlue Lotus

Awakening Your Inner Alchemy

Where your attention goes, energy flows. The Taoists were pioneers in transforming and optimising the inner realities of their energy (Qi), heart-mind state and physical health.

Wed, Jan 017:30AMBlue Lotus