Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Dr Karl is a well-known public speaker, prolific writer and multiple degree holder. Dr
Karl has an infectious enthusiasm for science, paired with an uncanny ability to translate
his knowledge with humour and warmth, which keeps the curiosity alive and the questions coming.

All Things Energy

Ian Lowe leads a discussion with Dr Karl and Dani Alexander, to explore our renewable energy future: how new technologies work, why we do it, why we need it, what we do when the sun doesn’t shine and how this technology might work along with Woodfordia’s plans in this space.

Sat, Dec 2810:30AMLuna

Dr Karl’s Random Walk Through Science

In a 180 kph blizzard in Antarctica, Dr Karl could see blue sky above. Do the Alkaline Diet and A2 milk do cut the mustard? And we can fix Climate Change and we are living in the most peaceful time ever.

Mon, Dec 3010:15AMLuna

Dr Karl’s Science is Golden

Join Dr Karl to find out how we nearly got wiped out by a Big Rock on Halloween 2015, how Beer Goggles are real, how we use more than 10% of our brain, and if carrots improve vision- and chemtrails.

Tue, Dec 313:00PMLuna