Best known as live emcee for the Resin Dogs, DNO has quietly snuck in a quarter century of DJing on the side, playing 20 years straight in Fortitude Valley, starting at the Empire before moving on to long-term residencies at Ric’s and the Bowery. Playing strictly vinyl, DNO keeps it simple and funky with two turntables and a microphone. Funk disco and hip-hop soul served nightly at The Pine.

Late Night Piney Prance

So you think you can prance? DNO? Who cares! ‘Cos every night you can bust all your gnarliest moves with our DJ DNO. Come on, let it all hang out one last time before beddy-bye-byes.

Fri, Dec 27 12:50AM Pineapple Lounge
Sat, Dec 28 12:50AM Pineapple Lounge
Sun, Dec 29 12:50AM Pineapple Lounge
Mon, Dec 30 12:50AM Pineapple Lounge
Tue, Dec 31 12:50AM Pineapple Lounge
Wed, Jan 01 11:30PM Pineapple Lounge