Dion McCurdy

Freelance lawyer, social entrepreneur, and democracy advocate, Dion is the co- founder and CEO of NewVote, and has degrees in political science, psychology and law.

Midwife to the Afterlife

Marita tickles the dead back to life with humour, interviewing Death him/her/itself, death lawyer, Dion, and Woodfordian Citizen, Megan. If you’re in need of a little hand- holding or love a naughty belly- laugh, check out the other side.

Sun, Dec 293:00PMSmall Hall

Reflections on Redesigning Democracy

With Lyn Carson and Bill Bannear, Dion designed, delivered and modelled Redesigning Democracy, a suite of workshops and festival- length consultations on deliberative, participatory, civic decision-making. He revisits the experience and suggests online strategies for future deliberations.

Wed, Jan 013:15PMGREENhouse