Dance Masala

Brisbane’s premier bollywood dance company is dedicated to providing engaging, energetic workshops and dynamic performances. Established in 2012, it is their pleasure and passion to promote and share Indian culture in Australia.

Aankh Marey Bollywood Street Style

Learn to dance a rowdy, cheeky and fun style of contemporary Bollywood dance with a hip-hop edge linked to the popular Bollywood song Aankh Marey.

Fri, Dec 27 12:00PM Dancehall

Bollywood Bhangra Dance

Bolly-Bhangra combines Bollywood steps and music with typical Bhangra moves for a high intensity cardio routine. Join Drea and crew for a fun and energetic class.

Sun, Dec 29 1:00PM Dancehall

Temple Dances. Bollywood Romances

Known for their deeply moving, transformative dance creations within the 3000-year-old Indian Bharatanatyam dance style, Karma Dance devas are a magical sight to behold, as are Dance Masala’s beautiful Bollywood dancing queens.

Sun, Dec 29 5:35PM Folklorica