Dance Kaleidoscope

This Brisbane group perform and teach English and Welsh country dancing of the gentry and workers in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries as well as traditional village dances, fair and festival dances, English clogging, and linked sword dancing.

English Musical Romp in The Hey

English country dancing emerged as a distinct genre in the 16th century, evolved, then in the early 19th century faded, disappearing for 100 years before re-awakening. By joining the dots, Sounds Austen enlightens us historically, musically and in dance.

Fri, Dec 27 3:30PM Folklorica

Contra American Style Welcome Dance

Kick up your heels, American style. Experience contra – the American version of a bush dance.

Fri, Dec 27 8:45PM Dancehall

Do You Dance, Mr Darcy?

Experience the gentile world of Regency England’s dances of the upper class, when dancing was an important social event for the aristocracy.

Sat, Dec 28 7:15PM Dancehall

Queen Victoria’s Colonial Ball

Celebrate the anniversary of Queen Victoria’s 200th Birthday featuring live music from the era, a fashion showing of fantastic Victorian costumes and dance displays, plus the chance for everyone to join in the dancing.

Mon, Dec 30 8:15PM Folklorica