Chris Lane

As a member of Oka, Xavier Rudd and the United Nations, Kevin James Carroll and as a solo artist, Chris has performed across the world. His work spans the universal concepts of flow, movement, transformation and presence, with bamboo flute, guitar, beats and high vibes.

Diving Into Tunes

Chris Lane invites you to enjoy the beats and feel music as vast as the oceans, as deep and eternal as the rhythm of life.

Sat, Dec 28 5:00PM Blue Lotus

Mandala Workshop

Mandalas remind us of sacredness, impermanence, colour and connection. In this class the circle comes alive through fluid movement. Feel the nourishment of touch, support of another, uplift of joy and power of presence with Gwyn Williams and Chris Lane.

Sun, Dec 29 9:00AM Blue Lotus

Beats to Infinity

Imagine yourself relaxing to the fullest, allowing your body to sink right through the ground. Create stillness and delve into your infinite beauty in this relaxing and restorative session.

Sun, Dec 29 7:30PM Blue Lotus

Zen Thai for the Family

Explore simple therapeutic techniques to help combat common everyday ailments, taking them home to share.

Mon, Dec 30 5:00PM Blue Lotus

New Year’s Connection with Dance and Mantra

Yogis and breath workers love celebrating the new year together. Connect to yourself and your new friends through dance and mantra within musical celebration generated by Chris Lane.

Tue, Dec 31 11:00PM Blue Lotus

Bring It Home

Dance your way into your new year’s intentions, adding in some mantra as you go.

Wed, Jan 01 3:15PM Blue Lotus