Carolyn Mandersloot

Working at Little Haven Palliative Care for the past 11 years, Carolyn specialises in supporting people wanting to die at home. Her comedy takes inspiration from parenting teenagers and surprisingly, her career as a nurse.

Dying To Know

70% of Australians wish to die at home. Only 15% do. 100% of us will die eventually, so why don’t we talk about it? What are our choices? What’s dying like? This is a light-hearted discussion on dying with style.

Sun, Dec 2912:00PMGREENhouse

What's So Funny About... Cancer?

We use synonyms such as “the big-C” to avoid talking about this topic, as if saying cancer is as taboo as saying Voldemort. Like Voldemort in Harry Potter, cancer can cause widespread grief, but it can also be the centre of some hilarious anecdotes. Join cancer patient John Thompson and palliative care nurse Carolyn Mandersloot, as they share some of their ludicrous experiences with one of life’s most challenging experiences.

Tue, Dec 318:00AMHalcyon