Brighde Chaimbeul

From the Isle of Skye, award winning piper Brighde Chaimbeul has a unique style which has captured audiences across the globe. A native Gaelic speaker, her style is rooted in indigenous language and culture, but draws inspiration from a variety of piping traditions.


Sat, Dec 28 1:30PM Luna
Mon, Dec 30 11:40AM Luna
Tue, Dec 31 6:30PM Bob’s Bar
Wed, Jan 01 12:00PM Luna

Scotland on the Move

Special guests from Scotland include the award-winning Siobhan Miller and emerging pipe powerhouse Brighde Chaimbeul, visiting Australia for the first time, as well as Elephant Sessions who are no strangers to audiences down south.

Sun, Dec 29 3:45PM Grande


Scotland is a country steeped in romantic and bloody history, but firmly marching into the future. Enjoy a Scottish ceremonial entry to the new year with piper Brighde Chaimbeul, award-winning singer Siobhan Miller, and boundary-pushing neo-trad outfit, Elephant Sessions, along with special guests to keep things hopping, and you guessing. This is also the first official event of the Year of Scotland in Australia 2020, celebrating Scottish music, culture, food and drink in Australia.

Tue, Dec 31 10:00PM Amphi