Briefs Factory

Australia’s favourite trash glamour disco circus is coming. Cult cabaret hooligans and mischief-makers Briefs present a wild romp of disco dancing, circus, variety, and burlesque featuring a hand-picked selection of guests from across the world of queer cabaret.

Club Briefs

Club Briefs was where it all began for Briefs Factory, as a speakeasy in the bowels of Brisbane’s alternative variety scene, with the goal to create an informal space where professional performers could test drive innovative, late-night cabaret acts. It continues with this ethos in mind, an incubator of exciting talent and the best place to see how the art of cabaret is moving into the 21st century. (Mature content.)

Fri, Dec 278:45PMCirque
Sat, Dec 288:45PMCirque
Sun, Dec 298:45PMCirque
Mon, Dec 308:45PMCirque
Tue, Dec 318:45PMCirque