Breath of Bliss

Christabel Zamor is the founder of Breath of Bliss Academy, a somatic mystery school which approaches air as plant medicine to commune with the heart, higher self and soul.

Open Your Heart

Explore connected breath to soften, open your heart, welcome vulnerability and come into deep presence with dance, heartshares and a visionary breath journey.

Fri, Dec 275:00PMBlue Lotus

Create Miracles

Move stuck emotions, open to creativity and saturate yourself in life force energy, discovering how breathwork can create miracles of consciousness.

Sun, Dec 295:00PMBlue Lotus

Connect with Your Inner Child

Explore a laughter warm-up, channel the youthful voice inside and go on a visionary journey to remember innocence and feel more self-love for the new year ahead.

Tue, Dec 315:00PMBlue Lotus

Create Heaven on Earth

A breathwork ceremony will encourage guidance from your heart, higher self and soul, anchoring a vision for how best to serve in 2020.

Wed, Jan 015:00PMBlue Lotus