Blair Dunlop

Award-winning British singer, songwriter and guitarist Blair Dunlop has released multiple albums and toured widely around the globe. What sets Blair apart from his peers is the lyrical and musical maturity with which he writes.


Fri, Dec 27 2:50PM Luna
Sun, Dec 29 2:00PM Halcyon
Mon, Dec 30 3:20PM Halcyon
Wed, Jan 01 1:30PM Luna

Festival of Small Halls Homecoming

Start your festival in the spirit of welcome and cheer the return of the summer Festival of Small Halls tour to its spiritual home. Tea, scones and smiles are guaranteed, but the most special of connections will come from two brilliant acts – England’s Blair Dunlop and locals Hat Fitz and Cara – with the stars of fresh stories in their eyes and the warmth of a new musical friendship in their fingers.

Fri, Dec 27 10:00AM Small Hall


New voices from an old place – Lucy Farrell and Blair Dunlop are interpreters, creators and musical ambassadors for the merry green land, where traditional themes are reworked for the modern ear and contemporary songs give voice to the modern English folk experience.

Sat, Dec 28 4:30PM Luna