Betty Grumble

Surreal showgurl. Obscene beauty queen. Wild womanhood. Sex clown. With ceremonial precision and deranged wit, Betty Grumble enslaves her audience with a powerful call to arms as she raptures in the complexity of the woman’s body as a political and playful site.

Love and Anger

Dive into Betty Grumble’s critically-lauded, award-winning womanifesto, protest party and long hard kiss. This is an ecosexually charged flesh-riot ritual of dancing dissent, disco and deep push back-ery, where pleasure is a radical act and the body a bloody love letter. (Mature content.)

Sat, Dec 2811:30PMParlour
Mon, Dec 3011:40PMParlour

Deluxe Cabaret

A feast for the senses, Deluxe Cabaret is a smorgasbord of the best the Parlour has to offer. Take your fill of puppetry, mime, comedy, circus, song and dance as our hosts serve up the best acts to tempt and delight you.

Tue, Dec 318:30PMParlour

Comedy Club

The end of another decade... what with political turmoil, climate change, fidget spinners or some kind of bucket challenge, there’s been plenty of tragic material for comedians. Let the tears from the era keep rolling... along with the laughs.

Wed, Jan 019:30PMLuna