Balkanski Bus

Through music of the Balkans and various cultures of the world, Balkanski Bus showcases both beautiful slow pieces and the high-energy dance music that has been echoing around the cultural world for centuries.

Heart Thumping Balkan Bop

Discover the bang and bop power of a different Balkan sound with Balkan groove, riotous dancing and music fused with brassy rhythms and sounds from beyond the Balkans.

Sat, Dec 289:15PMFolklorica

Vulcanalia Balkana Dance Party

Dance from the frying pan into the fire when the irresistible energetic ancestral pulse of Balkanski Bus’s musical wizardry ignites the dance floor.

Sun, Dec 299:15PMDancehall

Flaming Hot Balkan Party Hits

Discover the electric, high- voltage power of a traditional party band orchestrating Balkan originals with upbeat arrangements and extraordinary rhythms, while dancing the çoçek and many other dances.

Mon, Dec 309:45PMFolklorica

Balkanski Blast NYE Boogie

Dance to some amazing rhythms and hypnotic, energetic music from the Balkans and beyond. Learn some easy, fancy steps and leaps.

Tue, Dec 319:00PMDancehall