Austral are a new four-piece Australian Celtic super-group. With banging pipe tunes, high- energy fiddling and tribal rhythms from the didgeridoo, get ready for the drop.


Fri, Dec 27 1:00PM Small Hall
Sat, Dec 28 9:30AM Halcyon
Mon, Dec 30 10:30PM Small Hall
Wed, Jan 01 11:00PM Bob’s Bar

Irish Music: Last Night’s Fun

This is an all-Irish concert featuring the best of Irish music, dance and insights, including the presenting of Last Night’s Fun: In and Out of Time with Irish Music – a musical and spoken-word re-creation of Ciaran Carson’s book on Irish music.

Tue, Dec 31 12:30PM Folklorica

Sean Nos Irish Tap Dancing

Learn how to make music with your feet whilst dancing to the rhythms and dance tunes of Austral at this all- ages and stages Irish tap dance experience.

Tue, Dec 31 4:00PM Dancehall