Anya Anastasia

Composer and performer Anya Anastasia is known for her poetic lyricism, soaring melodies and humour, leaving audiences smitten and in stitches. Though her roots are firmly in the world of folk, she wields a shamelessly unironic penchant for catchy pop melodies.

Cabaret Star for Hire

Anya presents a musical comedy extravaganza with all-original songs and the hysterical musings of an artist on the brink of superstardom, mental breakdown, or both. She boldly wears her own personal failures on her sleeve, casting aside all that she was, and discovers her new life’s purpose – to become a secret agent super-spy and uncover a worldwide global plot.

Fri, Dec 272:20PMParlour
Sun, Dec 298:50PMParlour
Mon, Dec 306:00PMParlour
Wed, Jan 015:10PMParlour

Deluxe Cabaret

A feast for the senses, Deluxe Cabaret is a smorgasbord of the best the Parlour has to offer. Take your fill of puppetry, mime, comedy, circus, song and dance as our hosts serve up the best acts to tempt and delight you.

Sat, Dec 287:30PMParlour
Tue, Dec 318:30PMParlour