Andrew Pengelly

Dr Andrew has had a 40 year career as an herbal practitioner and naturopath, university lecturer, researcher, field botanist and aromatherapist. He is focused on the distillation of essential oils from the bush, teaching the skills of distillation and combining herbs with essential oils for clinical applications.

Distillation of Essential Oils from Australian Flora

Using a 40L copper alembic still and a selection of our native plants, Andrew brings to life the ancient craft of distillation.

Fri, Dec 27 12:15PM Blue Lotus

Australian Essential Oils for Treatment of Resistant Infections

The overuse of antibiotics in society has led to the emergence of resistant infections such as MRSA, however various native plants and essential oils have demonstrated activity against such infections.

Sun, Dec 29 1:45PM Blue Lotus

Blend Essential Oils For Home Use

Heal your skin, repel insects and aid respiratory congestion with these home-made topical applications.

Wed, Jan 01 12:15PM Blue Lotus