Alan Kelly

Alan is from Dublin and plays in both standard and DADGAD tuning on guitar. His style is highly rhythmic and he has run workshops at festivals all over Australia. His songs have won several prestigious awards and received radio and television play worldwide. Alan is the happy driving force behind the Barleyshakes.

Guitar: Beginner and Intermediate

Fri, Dec 27 5:30PM WorkShop
Sat, Dec 28 5:30PM WorkShop
Sun, Dec 29 5:30PM WorkShop
Mon, Dec 30 5:30PM WorkShop
Tue, Dec 31 5:30PM WorkShop

Music Camp Concert

If you’ve spent your festival picking up a new instrument, or new skills in the Music Camp, this is where it all comes together. Bring your family and friends to watch you play.

Wed, Jan 01 3:30PM Bob’s Bar